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PMBOK® - A guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge, indeed a wonderful book published by PMI (Project Management Institute) USA. “A wonderful book? Are you sure you are talking about PMBOK®??” Many people express this when I say so! J In fact I was one amongst them few years ago, when I started reading it for the first time. It was 1998 when I first started reading the PMBOK® and could imagine what a slipping pill’s effect on human body could be, without swallowing one! J Later,  I understood now not to read it! Dhananjay Gokhale fondly known as DG revises the entire PMBOK® in 40 minutes film. This movie takes the spectators through the jungle of PMBOK® safely and simply!  It creates the map of the jungle of PMBOK ® so that one can safely have a safari any time through the book. It is SIMPLE! It describes a set of actions that a GOOD Project Manager should follow to reduce the frustration and to increase the fun! The PMBOK® is a book that NOT to be read but to be understood! How  can one understand a book, without reading it? First PMBOK® is NOT a BOOK; but it is a MINDSET !  Hence it is to be mapped …creating a MINDMAP.  The movie ends with a PM Oath. This movie gives you a complete, comprehensive, & compact  MIDMAP of the entire PMBOK.  Watch it...enjoy it...& learn!!! Happy watching! J
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