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Jewels of PML

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Jewels of PML - Success Mantras of Leadership & Management
Dhananjay Gokhale, in the program of “The Balutedars – Let’s interact, admire, & learn!” interviewed 12 professionals like: Ship Captain; Cinematographer; Flight Captain, Railway Loco Pilot, Medical Director, Cyber crime investigators, Sports Scientist, IG Police, Mountaineer. Project Management is a life science. It is applicable across industries and professions. There is a lot to learn from the interactions. Each clip connects to best practices in project management & leadership. The DVD contains 34 small video clips totaling 100 minutes.
Some interesting interactions in this DVDs are:
Role of a leader in projects - Fighter pilot
      Managing tough stakeholders - Medical Director
      Importance of facilitation - Cricket Umpire
      Managing conflicts - Cricket Umpire
      Motivation amongst team – Cinematographer
      Focus of process - Sports Scientist
      Understanding people - Cyber Crime Investigator
      Selecting team members - Medical Director
      Environment Awareness - Cricket Umpire
      Handling Pressure - Police Chief Madhya Pradesh
      Developing Stakeholders Relations - Police Chief
      Birth of procedures - Cyber Crime Investigator
Watch the DVD for many more such interactions!
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