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Balutedar - 12

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"Nature has a very "unforgiving" nature. It has unwritten protocols and they are followed strictly. One must understand the purpose behind the protocols and follow them" – says Mr. Abhay Ghanekar "We fight to resolve the conflict! Nevertheless once we make the decision, irrespective of our views, we are committed the decision. The most difficult thing is to follow the decision which you don't like." – Abhay expresses his way of solving conflict. "Keep an open mind towards everything" – his father created this mindset of Abhay. "Tigress has the most imperfect company while on the job, hunting, that needs most perfection. I learnt how to develop the capabilities of team by demonstrating the skills." – says Abhay!
Balutedar 12 - Off-Beat Tour Operator : Mr. Abhay Ghanekar - 2 PDUs 
Dhananjay Gokhale interviews Mr. Abhay Ghanekar : Off-Beat Tour Operator.  


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