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Balutedar - 11

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"Only honesty will not work. It cannot take you anywhere. It must be backed up by courage and due-diligence" - Mr. Pramod Phalnikar, IG Police succinctly emphasises the need of openness, straight-forwardness, honesty, backed-up by courage in the interview conducted by Dhananjay Gokhale. "One cannot deny the fact of political pressure when are in a democracy. One has to opt for opportunities to excel. And people then understand." Mr. Phalnikar expresses very clearly on the topic of dealing with pressure. "Everyone has a fear. Me too, when you are in an open shootout! It is all about Systematic Management of Fear and then courage emerges!" Mr. Phalnikar very transparently said when asked about fear! "Neither Politics nor Terrorism; it is 'politics of terrorism' that is more threatening" - a very apt expression indeed! 
Balutedar 11 - Inspector General of Police : Mr. Pramod Shripad Phalnikar - 2 PDUs
Dhananjay Gokhale interviews Mr. Pramod Phalnikar : Inspector General of Police


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