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Balutedar - 08

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"The cyber law is not weak, not slippery; it reflects where we are going as a society. It is high time that we should become aware and literate about the cyber-fraud aspects" Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat – the most sought after lawyer & a techno-commercial expert in cyber fraud cases cautions us in the interview conducted by Dhananjay Gokhale. "Over the years I learned one, to examine the person from the way he or she speaks. I avoid taking the information only on the face value. And second is 'there are no shortcuts to excellence'." says Adv. Vaishali on the competency front. This interview explores lots of topics like importance of preparation, physical & mental fitness, role of umpires, and many more! "How may of us as consumers of technology are doing our bit of responsibility genuinely? Or won't we wake up unlesss something BIG happens?" Adv. Vaishali questions each one of us!
Balutedar 08 - Techno Legal Expert : Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat - 2 PDUs 
Dhananjay Gokhale interviews Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat, Techno Legal Expert on Sunday, 24th August 2014



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