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Balutedar - 04

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This interaction is not only about Everest but about learning from this profession. Importance of detailed planning is understood marvelously in such projects. One cannot not afford to make mistakes here. Planning is an opportunity to make mistakes at least cost. It is not that you fight or concur the summit. One cannot fight with the power of nature. "A true professional mountaineer is the one who goes to nature with love, experiences self, who is fit & ready to face challenges. Mountaineer's conduct of life is productive, who keeps the nature clean and is polite. Mountaineer is brave at heart, with balanced mind . Mountaineer's response to the world is energetic, committed, honest, and quick." summarizes Dhananjay when Umeash spoke about competencies of a professional mountaineer.

Watch the DVD for such and many more learning experiences!  
Balutedar 04 - Everest Expedition Leader : Umesh Zirpe - 2 PDUs
Dhananjay Gokhale interviews Mr. Umesh Zirpe, Mount Everest Expedition Leader on Saturday, 18th January 2014

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