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Balutedar - 01

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Do you know the origin of the term 'project going for a toss'? Yes. You guessed right. The shipping industry! Sometimes their deliverable literally goes for a toss during course of their project. But THY shall fear not. We have a master who is capable of steering the ship not only in the water but also on the dry land. Mahesh shared an experience where his ship got lifted due to huge tidal forces in storm and was dumped on a huge pile of sand like a sitting duck. 75 Million dollars were at stake. His CO (joined by CE later) was an example of how a disaster uncovers what is underneath the skin. Extreme situation demanded 'force/direct' type of conflict resolution response. "a. Know what you don't know, b. Nothing is impossible, and c. Be the vehicle that you drive – are the three competencies that got built in me due to this profession" shares Capt. Mahesh in this interaction.
Watch the DVD for such and many more learning experiences! 
Balutedar 01 - Ship Captain : Mahesh Junnarkar - 2 PDUs 
Dhananjay Gokhale interviews Ship Captain Mahesh Junnarkar on Sunday, 20th October 2013


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